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How to stop elbow, forearm, wrist & hand pain

One of the reasons why I do what I do now is because I lived with chronic pain in my elbows, forearms, wrists and hands for over seven years. Looking back, I think the advice and treatment I received from medical practitioners was unhelpful and ineffective. Chronic problems with these parts of the body tend…

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Centaur holding a bow and arrow
Posture Correction and the Centaur

I sometimes bring up the centaur – the mythical half-man half-horse creature – when explaining to certain clients why I believe they’re in pain. What’s posture correction got to do with a centaur? Well, with this mythical being, you can see that the lower horse half provides a strong and stable platform upon which the upper human half…

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Egoscue exercises for the office

For many people, work tends to require sitting down for most of the day, often at a desk in an office. This can often lead to stiffness and pain. In this video, Pete Egoscue, Posture Specialist and founder of The Egoscue Method, shows you some exercises and tips to stay pain free. Nowadays there is…

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