Before and after photos showing remarkable improvement of a man's body alignment from side view after posture correction therapy
How this client ended 4 years of hip pain

When this client came to see me his pain was severely affecting the quality of his life. In his own words: “After 4 years of suffering from worsening hip pain that had stopped me from running, and was frequently impacting my ability to walk pain free, I thought this was something I would just have…

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Front and side view of ideal body alignment
Posture and pain

About 20% of the clients I work with come to see me because they want to be proactive with their health, age better, reduce their risk of future injuries and improve the way they look. The remaining 80% come to me because they’re in pain, and they want it to stop. For some the pain…

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Man sitting at desk working on a laptop with correct posture
Working from home advice

Here is some advice for keeping your body balanced and pain free if you’re working from home or in the office. The image above shows you an ‘ideal’ home workstation setup. The key pointers are: Screen approximately at eye level Shoulders relaxed External keyboard and mouse 90 degree angle at elbow and knee Pelvis rolled…

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Top 5 phrase handwritten on chalkboard with heart symbol instead of O
Top 5 posture myths

Most of the clients I work with want to improve their posture because they either want to get pain free, change the way they look, or reduce their risk of future pain and injuries – or sometimes all three! If you spend a bit of time researching on the internet how to improve your posture,…

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Barefoot feet pointing straight ahead
How to fix foot pain

We don’t give our feet that much attention until we start developing problems here – then it becomes hard not to notice! In this short article I’ll explain how to fix foot pain by improving your posture. Your feet are pretty special. They are your foundation and house a quarter of all the bones in…

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Centaur holding a bow and arrow
Posture Correction and the Centaur

I sometimes bring up the centaur – the mythical half-man half-horse creature – when explaining to certain clients why I believe they’re in pain. What’s posture correction got to do with a centaur? Well, with this mythical being, you can see that the lower horse half provides a strong and stable platform upon which the upper human half…

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