Clinic consultations

“If you want a life pain free, Ameet is the therapist you should see. I’ve been recommending him to several patients since experiencing amazing results myself.” – Dr Shobana Sreetharan, GP 
Posture Specialist examining alignment of a woman's knee while she stands
What’s involved in an initial consultation?
Your Health & Therapy Goals

I hear your story, take a detailed medical history, and help you decide your therapy goals. We take our time with this part because it’s important I find out exactly what you want – whether it’s getting back to a pain-free life, feeling good about how you look, or aging well with less injuries.

Detailed Full Body Posture Assessment

I check your posture in detail from your head to your toes. I’m looking for any misalignments that could be causing you problems. I also check that important parts of your body, like your hips, spine, and neck, are working properly.

Before and after photos showing improvement of a woman's posture from side view after Egoscue Method
Bespoke Posture Correction Exercises

Generic exercises are not good enough! To get the best and quickest results you need a tailor-made approach. I use my 10 years of experience to match the right exercises to your unique misalignments.

I pick ones that suit your level, whether you’re very fit or can barely walk. The exercises are short enough to fit into your daily life, and you can do them at home with no equipment. We do the exercises together in the clinic to ensure they are perfect for you.

After We're Done

I’ll send you your bespoke exercise plan by email. It has simple instructions and easy-to-follow pictures. Plus you’ll also get a 3-page report with your posture assessment results. After the session, I’m available by email or phone if you need extra support.

Before and after photos showing remarkable improvement of a man's body alignment from side view after posture correction therapy

Initial consultation (approx. 50 mins) – £179

Follow-up consultation (approx. 40 mins) – £149

The clinic is often busy, please book early to get your preferred slot.

I don’t want the price to stop you from receiving therapy. If cost is truly a problem for you, please talk to me about other ways to pay, like sliding scales or bartering. In the past, I’ve traded consultations for paintings, homegrown vegetables, and home-cooked meals.