Clinic Consultations

“If you want a life pain free, Ameet is the therapist you should see. I’ve been recommending him and The Egoscue Method to several patients since experiencing amazing results myself.” – Dr Shobana Sreetharan, GP 
Posture Specialist examining a woman's knee position while she stands in a posture clinic
        An initial consultation involves 3 steps:
Medical History & Goals

We review your medical history and discuss your therapy goals, whether they’re improving the way you look, becoming pain free, or reducing your risk of future pain and injuries.

Detailed Full Body Posture Assessment

I take photos of your standing posture and analyse them digitally from head to toe. I show you the key misalignments you have and how they might be affecting your body. I also assess the functional movement of key areas of your body such as your hips, spine and neck.

Posture Specialist adjusting a client's foot while doing a posture exercise sitting against the wall
Bespoke Posture Correction Exercises

Generic stretching and strengthening exercises won’t do – what’s needed is a tailor-made approach. I design a personalised programme of posture correction exercises that target your specific misalignments. I check you can do each exercise comfortably and correctly.

After We're Done

Your bespoke posture correction exercise programme with pictures and easy to follow instructions will be emailed to you, along with a 3 page report outlining the results of your Posture Assessment.

Before and after photos showing remarkable improvement of a man's body alignment from side view after posture correction therapy

Initial consultation (approx. 50 mins) – £129 (reduced from £150 extended til August 31st)

Follow-up consultation (approx. 40 mins) – £109

I don’t want price to be an impediment to you receiving therapy. If cost is truly an issue for you then please speak to me about alternative payment options, including sliding scales and barter. For example, I have previously exchanged consultations for paintings, website design and even home-cooked meals!