What does having good posture really mean?

This video is taken from the Health Though Posture Video Course. I talk about what I think having good posture really means, some common myths about posture correction, how our bodies moves out of alignment, and perhaps most importantly, how you can improve your posture. You can get the next 3 videos of the course…

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How to overcome low back pain

The number one symptom that people who come to see me have is lower back pain. I read a statistic recently in a newspaper that it was the leading cause of disability in the world. I’ve had clients where it is a mild annoyance, to clients where it is ruining their lives. Why is lower…

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How to deal with chronic hip pain

The hip is a so-called ball and socket joint – the ball being the head of your femur (thigh bone), and the socket being a spherical cup like depression in the side of your pelvis. The ball fits snuggly into the socket, and is surrounded and stabilised by strong ligaments and large muscles. It’s a…

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How to stop elbow, forearm, wrist & hand pain

One of the reasons why I do what I do now is because I lived with chronic pain in my elbows, forearms, wrists and hands for over seven years. Looking back, I think the advice and treatment I received from medical practitioners was unhelpful and ineffective. Chronic problems with these parts of the body tend…

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4 exercises to improve posture

In this video you can see a short talk I gave to the London YES Group in 2015.  We only had fifteen minutes in total so I started off with a very quick and somewhat oversimplified introduction into what having good posture means, some ways to feel how in or out of balance your body…

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A better way to ‘sit up straight’

One of the most common questions that clients in clinic ask me is how they should sit.  It sounds like the answer should be fairly simple but it’s actually not, and a number of things need to be said. First, that the key to ‘sitting up straight’ is to get your pelvis into a good…

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