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Changing the way your posture looks case study

Client L posture examination

This client came to see me because the appearance of her ‘hunched’ posture had bothered her for several decades.

She often noticed this when she walked down the street and saw her reflection in a shop window, especially when wearing certain types of clothing.

I examined her posture from the side view (click image above to enlarge) and noticed that her upper back, head and shoulders were indeed rounding forward.

I knew she wanted me to focus on this area, but if I’d only looked at that part of her body I’d have been doing her a disservice.

As part of my posture correction approach I look at the entire body as it’s all connected.

What else do you notice in her posture?

Client L posture examination

Can you see how her hips and pelvis have moved forward of her ankles? This is encouraging her upper body to ‘hunch’ forward.

If we want to change the area she doesn’t like (her upper body) then we need to focus on her hips and pelvis too, otherwise the results would be limited.

We went through several posture correction exercises during that initial session and I made sure she could do them all comfortably. I told her to do them everyday and to come back in a week.

When she returned I saw that there had been a slight improvement which was a good sign. I checked she was doing the exercises correctly and then added a few new ones in to challenge her body further.

We saw each other 11 times over 11 months in the posture clinic in London, with the first few follow-up appointments weekly and the later ones spread out every 4-6 weeks.

The photos below are taken after those 11 months.

Posture Correction example of client L

You can see her hips, shoulders and head are in better positions.

Importantly, this is not from her trying to stand with better posture, but rather her just being relaxed, and her muscles doing a better job of holding her alignment in balance because of all the posture correction exercises she did.

It’s not perfect (nobody is!) but it’s a good improvement, and I think if she continues with the exercises the progress will continue.

In her own words “just over a year later I feel straighter, taller and much more confident in myself – and happier too.”

When clients come to see me and have had postural issues for several decades, they often wonder if there is any hope of changing things. Her example is a lovely demonstration that it is.

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Ameet Bhakta BSc, DipHE – I’m a posture specialist certified by the Egoscue Institute, and founder of Health Through Posture based in London and Tunbridge Wells.


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