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Eliminating lower back disc pain & spasms (over zoom) case study

Posture Specialist Analysis of Client DA

When this client came to see me his body was in a classic protective posture and spasm, potentially due to a disc bulge or herniation in his lower back.

His movement was severely reduced, he was bedridden at times and in pain. 

Can you see how his knees were bent, his pelvis was tucked under, and his upper body was leaning forward? He felt stuck in this position and couldn’t straighten up.

I explained to him that his body was keeping him in this posture in an attempt to prevent further damage to his back.

We needed to do two things: 1) safely get him back to his ‘normal’ posture, that is, the posture he had before this recent injury and then 2) improve this ‘normal’ posture so that he didn’t keep having these flare ups.

We started off with five gentle posture correction exercises, and by the end of the session he was already standing taller and moving better.

I told him to do the exercises twice a day and to come back a week later.

When I saw him next he was noticeably better. I checked to see he was doing the exercises correctly and then added a few new ones in to challenge his body further.

This progress continued and after four sessions on zoom he was back to his ‘normal’ posture and pain free. 

You can see the difference in the photos below. 

Posture Correction Example of Client DA

We were both really impressed with the results. Now that he’s back to his ‘normal’ posture, the next step is to improve his body alignment further so that we reduce the chance of these injuries returning.

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Ameet Bhakta BSc, DipHE – I’m a posture specialist certified by the Egoscue Institute, and founder of Health Through Posture based in London and Tunbridge Wells.


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