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How this client ended lower back pain over Zoom

Photo of a man's poor posture from side view compared with an image of correct posture

When this client came to see me, online over Zoom, he was in a lot of pain and could hardly move.

In his own words:

“I was crippled by some kind of disc movement in my lower right back. When I first saw him I was barely mobile and leaning severely to the right.”

Can you see how he bent his knees, tucked his pelvis under, and leaned his upper body forward? He felt stuck in this position and couldn’t straighten up.

I told him that to get out of pain we had to change the position of his pelvis and back.

Generic exercises would not be good enough. Instead, I showed him four exercises to work on his specific misalignments.

I picked ones that matched his strength levels, and that he could do at home without any equipment. I also made them short enough so he could fit them into his daily life.

By the end of the first session he was already looking straighter and moving better. In his own words:

“Things improved rapidly.”

We saw each other for a series of follow-up appointments, all online over Zoom. During these sessions, I made sure he did the exercises correctly. I also gave him more advanced exercises as we progressed.

Over time, his posture improved and the pain reduced, until it disappeared completely!

You can see the remarkable difference in the photos below.

Before and after photos showing remarkable improvement of a man's body alignment from side view after posture correction therapy

This improvement is not because he is trying to stand taller. That’s not what having good posture is about. Instead, his muscles keep his body aligned because of the exercises he did to correct his posture.

He was very impressed with the results, and thankful and relieved to get back to normal life.

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