image Eliminating headaches, neck, back, shoulder and arm pain case study

Eliminating back pain case study

Client Gs body alignment before Posture Correction Therapy

When this client came to see me he’d been suffering with back pain for many years.

The pain was at a constant low level but could get worse at times.

Over the years he’d tried many different therapies, including physiotherapy and strengthening exercises, but had only found temporary relief.

When you look at his photo what do you notice?

Can you see that his upper back was rounded forward excessively or ‘hunched’?

This was causing his shoulders and head to push forward and I thought this could be causing negative compensations within his back.

But if I just focused on improving this area then I would be doing him a disservice.

As a posture specialist I’ve been trained that you must look at the whole body as it’s all connected.

What else in the photo jumps out at you?

Client Gs body alignment before Posture Correction Therapy

Can you see that his hip and pelvis are way forward of his ankle?

I thought this could be contributing to his back problems because the pelvis is the foundation of the spine – if it’s not doing it’s job properly then the back will have to compensate.

His past treatments with other therapists may not have worked because perhaps they were only focusing on the ‘problem’ area and not the whole body.

I gave him 5 posture correction exercises during the initial session and I checked he could do them all with no discomfort.

Away he went with his homework which was to do them everyday and to come back within a week.

A week later he duly returned and after checking that he was doing the exercises correctly I then added a few new ones in to challenge his body further.

As the weeks and months went on his posture improved and so did the pain, until several months in it had completely gone!

We saw each other 10 times in total with the first few sessions weekly, and with later sessions spread out with more time in between them.

Most of the sessions took place within the posture clinic in London but several were online due to the pandemic.

You can see the remarkable progress he made in the picture below.

Client Gs body alignment before and after Posture Correction Therapy

Importantly, this progress is not from him trying to stand with better posture, but rather him just being relaxed, and his muscles doing a better job of holding his alignment in balance because of all the posture correction exercises he did.

I am so impressed and proud of his transformation. To change his posture so dramatically and to eliminate the pain he’d had for so many years is pretty amazing.

I was also impressed with his dedication and commitment to the process having done the exercises so religiously.

I think his example shows that even if you’ve had pain for many years and have tried many things to address it, there is still hope and you can make things better.

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Ameet Bhakta BSc, DipHE – I’m a posture specialist in London and Tunbridge Wells certified by the Egoscue Institute, and founder of Health Through Posture.


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