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Before and after photos showing improvement of a man's body alignment from side view after posture correction therapy
Eliminating back pain case study

When this client came to see me he’d been suffering with back pain for many years. The pain was at a constant low level but could get worse at times. Over the years he’d tried many different therapies, including physiotherapy and strengthening exercises, but had only found temporary relief. When I examined his posture from…

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How to overcome low back pain

The number one symptom that people who come to see me have is lower back pain. I read a statistic recently in a newspaper that it was the leading cause of disability in the world. I’ve had clients where it is a mild annoyance, to clients where it is ruining their lives. Why is lower…

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Centaur holding a bow and arrow
Posture Correction and the Centaur

I sometimes bring up the centaur – the mythical half-man half-horse creature – when explaining to certain clients why I believe they’re in pain. What’s posture correction got to do with a centaur? Well, with this mythical being, you can see that the lower horse half provides a strong and stable platform upon which the upper human half…

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Egoscue warm-up and cool-down for golfers

Golf requires a stable and mobile body. A body with a sound posture has this. Unfortunately because of our modern day lifestyles many people have some form of postural misalignment. This can lead to pain when playing sports such as golf. But remember, it’s not golf that is the problem, but rather the body we…

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