Baby crawling on white sheet
How to help your baby develop

Typically your baby will go through 5 stages of movement: 1 – Lying on her back. 2 – Rolling onto and lying on her tummy. 3 – Sitting upright. 4 – Crawling. 5 – Standing up and walking. Each of these stages is important in strengthening and developing your baby’s muscles, brain and spine. With…

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Male runner holding his hurt ankle
How to beat running pain

Our bodies are anatomically designed to run pain free, and yet so many runners suffer from foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip, pelvis or back pain! What’s going on? To find out, we need to look at the design of the human body. Your body is designed to have a certain structure or posture, in the…

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A woman pulling her right foot behind her to stretch while standing
How to warm up a lot more effectively

You’ve properly been told it’s important to warm up before you exercise whether exercise for you is your regular walk, a run, playing tennis or going to the gym. I agree with this but I don’t think most people warm up effectively. Firstly, we need to ask what’s the point of ‘warming up’ in the…

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