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Common causes of foot and ankle pain and how to stop it

Your feet are the foundation of your body. They support all of your weight and allow you to walk, skip, jump, run and tiptoe. To fulfil this role, they have an intricate and ingenuous design, housing a quarter of all the bones in your body, with sixty six joints, two hundred and fourteen ligaments and thirty eight muscles! We need to ensure they are working efficiently because if they’re not, they can affect everything above – the knees, hips, spine, shoulders and neck. It’s like having a shaky foundation. We tend not to give our feet that much attention until we start developing problems here – then it becomes hard not to notice.

As with chronic pain in other parts of the body, the reasons for developing chronic foot and ankle pain, barring an accident like a car crash, can be varied and complex, but I think most often it’s connected to faulty biomechanics due to poor posture. In this video I go into more detail about this and share with you an approach that often helps resolve these kinds of symptoms.

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As well as working on your body alignment to improve your biomechanics, I’d also suggest reviewing what you put your feet in – AKA your footwear. Remember that your feet are designed to move, and therefore we need footwear that respects this function and allows them to move naturally. Unfortunately, modern day shoes tend not to due this and sadly we incase our children’s feet in them from such an early age. I always tell people to be barefoot as much as possible, and especially your children when they are at home. When you do need to wear shoes though, in general less is better, so a flexible shoe which doesn’t have much of a heel lift, and doesn’t bunch your toes up too much is most often a good idea.

I hope you find the video beneficial.

Take care.

Ameet Bhakta BSc, DipHE
I’m a Posture Correction Specialist certified by the Egoscue Institute, and founder of Health Through Posture.



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