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How to eliminate hip pain

In this short video I explain a common root cause of hip pain, and how posture correction exercises can help you naturally get pain free.

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To deal with your hip pain we first need to ask why it’s happening.

We can’t stop with just your condition – whether that’s degeneration, bursitis or impingement. We need to ask what is the root cause of that condition!

Many ‘health professionals’ will tell you it’s normal wear and tear, age or activity related. This is such a poor explanation because aren’t there people who are older than you and do your same activity and yet don’t have your pain?

If it was age related, then everyone your age should have your pain, and if you ‘overused’ your hips then what about all the people who use their bodies much more than you and don’t have pain?

If you have hip pain, then very often there is an imbalance in your posture which is causing one or more of your hips to not work as it was designed to. This can lead to excess strain through the joint and eventually pain.

So many therapies only bring you temporary pain relief because they only target the condition you have and neglect to tackle the root cause. As a Posture Specialist, my aim is to not only end your current pain, but also to prevent future pain and injuries, by getting your posture back into balance so your hip joint can work the way is was designed to – pain free.

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Take care.

Ameet Bhakta BSc, DipHE
Posture Specialist
Egoscue Institute Certified

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