The Health Through Posture Video Course

This online video course will show you, step-by-step, how to improve your posture to help you:

End your pain and symptoms

Feel confident about your appearance

Reduce your risk of future injuries

The course contains over 2 hours of material and 19 of the best posture correction exercises I know, all with video explanations, to help you improve your posture and get pain free.

What the course covers:

Philosophy Of Posture

In Part 1 of the course you’ll learn what having good posture really means, the best way to improve it and some common pitfalls to avoid. I also give you some strategies for dealing with chronic pain based on my own experience of overcoming chronic low back pain and RSI.

Analyse Your Own Posture

I’ll break down, step-by-step, how to analyse your own posture so you know the position you are starting from. I’ll share with you the things I look out for when helping my clients in clinic. This part is essential because we need to determine your main posture imbalances in order to give you the right exercises to make things better.

Posture Correction Exercises For You

The most important part! There are 4 different exercise programmes, all with clear and detailed video explanations. I show you common mistakes to avoid and you can also download the programmes in PDF format for easy reference. The aim of these exercises is to improve your posture and get you pain free, feeling more confident about how you look, and to reduce your risk of future pain and injuries.

Tracking Your Progress

I show you a systematic way to track your progress both in terms of how you look, and any pain you might have. I use examples of clients I’ve worked with and share with you common pitfalls to avoid that can impede your progress.