Skype Consultations

Get pain free, feel more confident about how you look, and reduce your risk of future pain and injuries all from the comfort of your own home with Skype consultations.

I’ve helped clients all around the world including America, Canada, New Zealand, Dubai, Japan, Pakistan, England, Scotland, Greece, Kuwait, Andorra, France, Slovakia, Holland, Italy and Germany. All you need is a computer, mobile phone, or tablet with a webcam and Skype Software or Facetime. You can download Skype for free at

An Initial Consultation involves 5 steps:
Medical History & Goals

I review your medical history and discuss your therapy goals, whether they’re improving the way you look, and/or becoming pain free, and/or reducing your risk of future pain and injuries.

Posture Assessment

Using the camera I assess your posture to identify the parts of your body which are misaligned and not working correctly.


I explain to you the postural imbalances you have and how they are affecting your body.

Posture Exercises

I create a personalised programme of gentle posture correction exercises and observe you perform each one. The long-term aim is to help you look better, stop your pain (if you have any) and reduce your risk of future pain and injuries.


Your corrective exercise programme with pictures and explanations is emailed to you along with a 3 page report outlining the results of your Postural Assessment (see example report here).


70 minute (approx.) initial consultation: £135

I do not want price to be an impediment to you receiving therapy. If cost is truly an issue please speak to me about alternative payment options including barter – for example, I have previously exchanged consultations for paintings, massages, cooked meals and website design.