Ameet Bhakta BSc, DipHE


BSc Biochemistry with Management – Imperial College London (2001-2004)
Postural Alignment Specialist – Egoscue Institute (2012-2013)
DipHE Applied Health Studies – Anglia Ruskin University (2011-2014)

My Story with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is tough and frustrating, and unless you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to understand the impact it can have. At age 16 I developed severe RSI and chronic back pain. I was so frustrated because nobody could tell me why I’d developed these conditions while others around me had not. I felt like I had to protect my body because it was weak and I couldn’t do the activities I wanted. The lowest point came when my girlfriend at the time had to wash my hair because my hands hurt so much.

Over the years I saw GPs, specialists and tried a number of therapies but nothing gave lasting benefits and no-one seemed to understand what I was going through. In the end I decided I had to fix myself rather than have someone fix me. I read countless books on pain and how the body works. I did daily stretches and exercises and eventually cured myself by improving my posture.

Years later I started asking myself “what do I really want to do with my life?” and it finally came to me – help people live pain free! Within 3 weeks I started a Masters Degree in Osteopathy, and after 3 years of training, I felt that incorrect posture was the root cause of most of the pain in the patients we were treating.  I now needed a trusted method for dealing with it. Thankfully, I discovered The Egoscue Method, a form of Posture Correction Therapy. I left Osteopathy and qualified as a Postural Alignment Specialist certified by the Egoscue Institute in early 2013. Fast forward to today and I help clients in 2 clinics in London, and around the world on Skype and with online courses.

Ameet Bhakta Posture Specialist