Posture Workshops in London

“Ameet’s posture workshops were hugely beneficial. Everyone really enjoyed the interactive element. A great workshop for boosting employee wellbeing in and out of the office” – Jess Dealey, People Operations Manager – Brainlabs Digitial
Posture Assessments
Posture Workshops

Over the years Ameet has helped dozens of organisations keep their staff safe, healthy and pain free, via talks, posture workshops and individual assessments.

The workshops are fun, interactive, aid with team building and leave staff feeling supported.

Participants will learn:

– Why posture matters
– What good posture actually is
– 4 easy exercises to improve it and help with aches and pains
– Actionable advice to stay healthy and pain free in the office and at home.

The feedback from every single workshop has been excellent. See some reviews below.

“As web designers our team spend most of their time at desks using computers and I want to do everything I can to help them stay safe and healthy.  Ameet came into our office and spent a day with our team, starting off with a fun and interactive talk about what good posture is and why it matters, which got everyone engaged.  Then throughout the rest of the day he gave each of our team one on one sessions. I had fantastic feedback from the team that they had learned a lot and felt inspired and empowered by Ameet’s approach.  I would highly recommend it to other teams.”Tom Greenwood, Managing Director – Wholegrain Digital

“Ameet’s posture workshops were hugely beneficial. Everyone really enjoyed the interactive element and it was fantastic how he managed to address everyone’s personal needs in the group format, creating an open environment that allowed everyone to share their posture concerns. We all left feeling educated on what we needed to work on and the huge impact a few simple daily exercises can make! A great workshop for boosting employee wellbeing in and out of the office” – Jess Dealey, People Operations Manager – Brainlabs Digitial

“Our conference attendees and organising team benefitted hugely from Ameet’s calming – almost meditative – and humorous approach, which provided a range of techniques and tricks which many of us have continued to practice on a daily basis since. The feedback from our attendees was very positive, so much so that we now consider this to be an essential session to feature at all conferences where people are sitting still for long periods. We’ll definitely be using Health Through Posture again”  – Joe Yates, Co-Director ANH Academy – London School of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine

“We approached Ameet to provide a Posture Clinic session on a work away day. Working remotely for a long period of time can have an adverse effect on posture and general wellbeing so wanted to incorporate wellbeing sessions into the day. Ameet was incredibly accommodating and provided sessions on posture tips which was followed up with helpful literature to enable people to reflect back and refer to different positions to help with alignment. The exercises were carefully considered and easy to apply every day when working from home. The feedback from the team was incredibly positive and can strongly recommend Ameet for leading a great workshop!” – Aisling Smith, UCL Staff Member

“Ameet came to our conservation studio to educate us in good working posture. We had all read, and—we felt—understood, the broad principles of good posture, but it had become obvious that we needed proper assessment and specific training. Ameet spoke generally about the mechanics of the body, and then addressed the particular needs of each of us. We were all different from one another. It was a revelation to everyone to see how they sat and stood (I resembled something out of an iron-age burial). True expertise, delivered with tact and insight has changed how we work. The benefits are great, and will increase with time. Outstanding value.” – Tom Caley, Director – Shepherd Conservation