Kind words

Client Ps body alignment before and after Posture Correction Therapy.

“If you want a life pain free, Ameet is the therapist you should see. His focused programme of tailor made exercises have resolved my long standing neck & shoulder stiffness over just a few weeks. His empathy, enthusiasm and encouragement lead to success stories like mine. I have been recommending him and The Egoscue Method to several patients since experiencing amazing results myself.” – Dr Shobana Sreetharan, GP 

“After four months with daily exercises I am now pain free for the first time in many years! I had been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for several years and lately also tennis elbow and sciatic leg pain. I was desperate when I found Ameet and The Egoscue Method. The therapy has done wonders for me and I can highly recommend Ameet, who is very professional.” – Monica Hyllner, Consultant Anaesthetist, MD, PhD

After 4 years of suffering from worsening hip pain that had stopped me from running and was frequently impacting my ability to walk pain free I thought this was something I would just have to accept. Luckily I discovered Ameet. After following the exercises in the menu he custom designed for me the frequency of my flare ups reduced tenfold; I have now started running again which is something I thought I’d never really be able to do again! I’d recommend Ameet to anyone who is experiencing chronic pain! – Adam Digby, Senior Account Manager

Client C's body alignment before and after Posture Correction Therapy.

“I’d been experiencing pain in my hips for 3 years, pain in my upper back for 20 years and was unable to walk. The consultant advised that, apart from pain killers, there was nothing they could do for me. I was determined to challenge the consultant’s view and research led me to The Egoscue Method. Six months on with Ameet, I’m pain free and walking the dog for an hour a day.” – Caroline Holt, Attitude

“After an L4 and L5 disc bulge my back pain was debilitating at times. I tried different therapies and even a steroid injection, none of which had any lasting effect. I’ve improved massively thanks to Ameet and am no longer considering a back operation. I can run pain free and am registered for two half marathons!” – Chris Barton, Graphic Designer –

“I was not sleeping well. I was suffering from pain in my neck and upper back and I couldn’t pick up my grandchildren without a great deal of discomfort. After a series of sessions with Ameet, the improvement has been really remarkable. I now have a programme of exercises, which take me less than 30 minutes a day.  The pain in my neck and back has gone and I feel generally fitter and healthier.” – Jan Jury, Retiree

Client B's body alignment before and after Posture Correction Therapy.

The prescribed exercises were hugely useful and I had resolution of the tendinitis symptoms which had been becoming worse prior to me seeing him. The exercises he prescribed are easy to do and put no strain on your body unlike so many other rehabilitation methods which means that every person can do the exercises no matter what their ability. He is very engaging and knowledgeable and has an excellent grasp of the biomechanics of the body which allowed him to tailor the exercises to suit my abilities. Highly recommend him.”Dr. Claire Sheeran, GP

The Egoscue Method was recommended to me by a neurosurgeon as an alternative to surgery. I had chronic back pain brought on by a longterm scoliosis. To my surprise he even demonstrated an exercise on his consulting room floor!  With Ameet I have been trying to keep deterioration at bay by strengthening the muscles so I can stand upright and continue to walk. I do 30 mins tailor-made exercises a day and so far we are achieving our goal. As I am in my late seventies this is an important contribution to maintaining my treasured independence.” – Jennifer Cottom, Retired Managing Editor

“I had tried just about everything to improve my posture when I met Ameet. He helped me make major progress. He is brilliant – highly knowledgeable with incredible attention to detail. I would happily recommend him to anyone looking to deal with pain or generally enhance performance.” – Daniel Gilbert, CEO –

Client D's body alignment before and after Posture Correction Therapy.

“After a car accident I had been struggling with severe back problems for nearly 15 years. Surgery didn’t help and may have even aggravated my situation. I cannot recommend Ameet enough. Schedule an appointment now!” – Daniel Louzonis, Founder of

“Some great physiotherapy restored much of my mobility after a prolapsed disc, but I always experienced pain, especially when sitting – in a car, on the train, or just at my desk. I had never heard of the Egoscue method when I went to visit Ameet, and it was not till much later that I discovered there was a book about it. Ameet gave me some very gentle exercises to do, with the instruction “stop if it’s painful”. Within a week my pain was two-thirds better, and within a month, probably 85% better. I find Ameet helpful, calm, and supportive. He explains what is going on, and I am now recommending both him and the method to three other sufferers!” – Maggie Spooner, Web Developer

“I began running several years ago to dramatically improve my health and manage risk of cardiovascular disease. I didn’t count on my hips being the area that would limit my mileage. Ameet diagnosed issues that I was unaware of and the Egoscue exercises he recommended had an immediate positive impact within weeks.” – Grant Parkinson, Chief Operating Officer – Coutts

Client A's front view body alignment before and after Posture Correction Therapy.

“I had suffered since my teenage years with a nagging pain in my back that would come and go. Standing still for long periods of time – even half an hour on a train – would be uncomfortable. Having had X-rays that didn’t really reveal anything, and trying standard physio without much success, I discovered the Egoscue Method which made so much sense. Ameet’s patience and expertise have proved invaluable – I now have the understanding and tools to alleviate the pain, and life is much more comfortable! I’m really happy to know Ameet and wholeheartedly recommend him.” – Kate Morrow, Transcreation Writer

“I first started seeing Ameet after a stress fracture in my foot from running, having ignored shin splints and knee pain throughout the last ten years. Ameet worked with me to build a menu of exercises that we developed as I improved – I now feel much stronger and am aware of problems I used to ignore and now know how to prevent. Ameet is calm and really engaging. He listens and develops a menu of exercises that is really easy to fit into my day.” – Fin Carson, Management Consultant

“Thanks to Ameet my posture now falls into place effortlessly and it feels so good!  I feel stronger, more centred within my core and I have complete trust that my body is adaptable to anything.  Being a dentist posture is so important and I know my future self will be reaping the rewards of these exercises.  Ameet, thank you so much for your guidance and attention to my specific needs, for your compassionate, supportive approach and for always taking the time to answer my questions.  I cannot emphasise enough how much posture is important to everything that we do and how it makes us feel – book your appointment now!” – Aisha Ahmad, Dentist

“Health Through Posture got me back on track after a back injury. During my first session with Ameet I mentioned that my goal was to get back to boot camp and boxing classes. Thanks to sessions with Ameet and the exercises done in between, I now am, and a lot sooner than expected! The method works and Ameet is great at what he does, knowledgeable and friendly. Clinic is located in a lovely area also.” – Funmi Deri, Fashion Designer –

“After being introduced to the Egoscue Method I tried to find an expert who could help me develop the awareness of my body and bring it back to it’s natural state. Ameet’s approach and knowledge provided just what I was looking for – he has helped me deal with dysfunctions that were established after long years of deficient posture. He takes great care of his clients and his clinic operates flawlessly. If you want to take responsibility over your body and bring it back to it’s right place, Ameet is the perfect person for you.” – Jernej Albreht, Clarinettist –

“Before coming across Ameet, I had spent much time over the years seeing many physios, osteopaths and massage therapists to try and solve my problems to no avail. Through Ameet’s excellent methodology, exercises and holistic approach to the body which all deal with the root causes rather than the symptoms, I have been able to readdress the balance within my body and eliminate the muscular pains that I had been suffering from for years.” – Tamsin L

“When I first met Ameet, I was in constant pain – lower back and right shoulder due to several falls and injury due to exercise. I was unable to partake in any frequent exercise as I would be in incredible pain (not related to DOMS). I had about 8 sessions with Ameet and every session he sought to understand how I was improving. The exercises he gave me were easy to do and fit in to my schedule. Now I am relatively pain free, I can exercise 3 x per week without any pain, I can run without any pain…..I have my life back…..thank you Ameet!” Geeta Tailor, Naturopathic Nutritionist –

“Ameet worked miracles, helped me become pain free and improved my posture where chiropractors failed, and he is a very nice guy too!” Rory Caffyn-Parsons

“I found Ameet’s introductory exercises very helpful in recovering from a bad back and getting me back on my feet sooner than I had expected. They are well explained and the principles that sit behind them make absolute sense. Ameet was also very friendly and responsive to some follow-up queries that I had about sleeping positions.” – Dominic Coath, Biodiversity Officer

“We are both musicians, playing guitar and singing in our band. Max had started suffering significant back pain after we’d been on tour for a couple of years in California. Playing guitar is not a good natural position for the spine or the body – typically we’re hunched over, twisted slightly to play and sing; then we’ll lug around a load of heavy gear before driving somewhere in cars or buses for hours. Anyway, Max was put in touch with Ameet via his osteopath, who had said, “I can get you a quick fix on this with some acupuncture and massage, but you need to start working on the cause of your problem, your posture.” Ameet worked Max through 9-12 exercises to help stretch and strengthen his core muscles and help realign his posture – and reduce the pain in his upper back. Max recommended I go to see Ameet so I did and have never looked back. If your back is giving you trouble or your posture feels out of whack, go and see Ameet!” – Esmay Luck, Musician –

“Earlier this year I started seeing Ameet and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Ameet gave me a tailor-made menu of exercises structured to work on my personal postural dysfunctions which had been causing me pain. I am now at the stage where I can enjoy walking, climbing and even running, something I thought I would never be able to do again. I now feel like a man in his twenties rather than a man who is nearly fifty. If you’re serious about improving your posture, health and fitness then Ameet is the man to see.”Gary Myers

“I have arthritis in my hip and was impressed not only with his knowledge but how detailed the process was when looking at the problem. Meeting Ameet and carrying out the exercises that he gave me without a doubt has had a positive impact on my hip. I have already recommended Ameet and Egoscue to others.” – Tony Snow, Art Director –

“I have suffered with low back pain for the last few years. When I first met Ameet I was experiencing quite severe back spasms. Within in a few days the pain subsided and over the last 18 months I have greatly improved mobility and can train, box and do yoga on a regular basis without any problems. I strongly recommend Ameet. He is deeply knowledgeable and has made a significant difference to my wellbeing.”James Freedman, Former owner of Zone –

“Very professional, 0 waiting time, great experience. I received a full postural assessment and a review of the exercises required to adjust the postural imbalances. From the very first visit, by practicing the exercises during the sessions, I could see the benefit and the path to correct my posture. Recommend.”Adriano Bertini, Business Analyst

“I first went to see Ameet with lower back pain resulting from a personal training injury. Conventional physiotherapy hadn’t helped with my pain and I had a history of back issues going back more than a decade. I felt a change within 2-3 weeks of starting his recommended exercise plan. My back pain reduced at first gradually and then significantly over a period of around three months. I went from not being able to pick up my one year old daughter, sit for periods of more than half an hour or walk at a normal pace to being able to do all these things again during the course of treatment. He suggested a series of initial exercises to improve my range of movement and help with alignment, adjusting or adding exercises as needed as my back grew stronger and my pain improved. At the start of this year I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma following a series of MRI and other scans.  It was Ameet who suggested, on hearing that my pain was coming back, that I should get a scan to rule out any serious health issues. His instincts and advice were the reason that I pushed for the initial MRI, which led to a quick diagnosis and a prompt start to my treatment. Ameet will genuinely do all he can to help improve your physical pain and if he can’t help,  he’ll suggest another course of action. I’d highly recommend that anyone with back issues contact him!”Nisha K

“I have known Ameet for a few years and he has helped me personally with my own posture.  As web designers our team spend most of their time at desks using computers and I want to do everything I can to help them stay safe and healthy.  Ameet came into our office and spent a day with our team, starting off with a fun and interactive talk about what good posture is and why it matters, which got everyone engaged.  Then throughout the rest of the day he gave each of our team one on one sessions. I had fantastic feedback from the team that they had learned a lot and felt inspired and empowered by Ameet’s approach.  I would highly recommend it to other teams.”Tom Greenwood, Managing

“I decided to see Ameet in February 2018. I had pain in my left shoulder behind the scapula, my back was becoming flat with no lumbar curve and my hips were very tight. After the 10 sessions my back is now back where it is supposed to be with its natural curve, my hips are working again and I am able to do the long walks I love to do without any pain.”Marzia Caldirola, Interior Designer

“The daily posture alignment exercises that Ameet gave me have helped enormously with my hip/thigh pain. Following Ameet’s assessment he custom made the series of e-crises that I can easily do daily. A bonus is that the Skype consultations work really well & make it so accessible. Thank you & I highly recommend Ameet & the Egoscue method he uses to have a pain free life.”Joy Pennington, retired nurse. 

“I had been in chronic pain in my hips for about 2 years and it had got to the point where I had great difficulty walking up stairs and was woken several times a night because of the pain in my hips. I had had physiotherapy but that made things worse. I then remember a friend had had very good results for back pain using the Egoscue method. I searched on line for Egoscue practitioners and found Ameet. I am so glad that I found him. After 8 sessions I am pain free, I can walk up stairs and I do not wake up in pain in the middle of the night. It’s wonderful to be pain free after 2 years. I can’t recommend Ameet enough.” – Karin Walda

“After years of being a desk jockey, my posture was less than perfect, leading to growing shoulder and neck pain. I could only walk short distances before getting a burning sensation in my back. After following Ameet’s exercise programme, the discomfort disappeared and I can now walk as long as I like. You have to commit to doing the exercises to get a result – and then keep them as part of your life – but don’t give up, it’s worth it. I really feel it was a good investment in my future wellbeing and that it knocked 10 years off me! Good luck – I hope it works for you too.”Annie Corbett, Copywriter