Online Consultations

Having a consultation online is quite an interesting experience and I’ve worked with clients in over twenty countries and from almost every continent. To see each other we use the video camera on your mobile, tablet or laptop/computer and free software such as Whatsapp, Skype or Facetime.  We do almost everything that we would have done if you had come into clinic.


An initial consultation involves 3 steps:
Medical History & Goals

I’ll review your medical history and we discuss your therapy goals, whether they’re improving the way you look, and/or becoming pain free, and/or reducing your risk of future pain and injuries.

Posture Assessment

Using the camera I look at your standing posture from the front and side views. I’ll show you the key misalignments you have and how they might be affecting your body.

Posture Correction Exercises

I’ll make you a personalised programme of posture correction exercises, and observe you perform each one via the video camera on your mobile, tablet or laptop. These exercises stretch, strengthen and ‘wake up’ certain parts of your body to improve your posture.

After We're Done

I’ll email you your corrective exercise programme with pictures and instructions so you can do these at home, along with a 3 page report outlining the results of your Posture Assessment (see example report here).


Initial consultation (approx. 70 mins.) – £135

Follow-up consultation (approx. 40 mins.) – £105

I don’t want price to be an impediment to you receiving therapy. If cost is truly an issue for you then please speak to me about alternative payment options including barter. For example I have previously exchanged consultations for paintings and website design.

Client listening during an online Posture Correction consultation
Client A's alignment before and after Posture Correction Therapy.