image How to help your baby develop Egoscue exercises for a long flight

Pete Egoscue – tips for infants

In this short video Pete Egoscue, Posture Correction Specialist and founder of The Egoscue Method, gives you some simple tips to help your baby and infant develop.

One key piece of advice is to not wrap their feet in shoes too early and too often.

Remember, the feet are the foundation of your body, and how they work will affect everything above – the knees, hips, spine, shoulders and head.

Your baby’s feet at birth contain no bones at all but consist of a mass of cartilage which over a period of years ossifies to become the 26 bones of the adult foot.

Wearing shoes interferes with natural foot mechanics and development. Instead, barefoot crawling and walking help to exercise the small muscles of the feet, improve coordination and contribute to good posture.

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I hope you find the video useful.

My name is Ameet Bhakta, I founded Health Through Posture after qualifying as a Posture Correction Specialist certified by the Egoscue Institute.

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