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How to warm up a lot more effectively

You’ve properly been told it’s important to warm up before you exercise whether exercise for you is your regular walk, a run, playing tennis or going to the gym. I agree with this but I don’t think most people warm up effectively.

Firstly we need to ask what’s the point of ‘warming up’. The 2 primary goals are:

1) To improve your performance and efficiency in the activity you’re about to start

2) To reduce your risk of injury.

If you’ve read any of my material you’ll know that these two goals are met when your posture is aligned – because you’ll be stronger, more stable and being using your body with less wear and tear.

Imagine you had a bicycle, where the wheels and frame were misaligned. That bicycle wouldn’t ride very smoothly and eventually it would develop a problem. The same thing is true for your body and so an effective warm up routine should help get your posture into a better position. So how can you apply this for yourself?

Make sure your warm up routine involves exercises which improve your posture.

By doing this you’re giving your body a tune up right before you start your activity. It’s like taking those misalignments out of that bicycle before you go on a long ride.

Brian Bradley, Vice-President of the Egoscue Method, shows you some great Posture Correction Exercises in this video here. Why not incorporate these into your warm up routine?

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Take care.

Ameet Bhakta BSc, DipHE
Posture Correction Specialist
Egoscue Institute Certified

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