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Egoscue warm-up and cool-down for runners

We are designed to run, and to run pain free. So many runners can’t run though without injury upon injury. What’s going on?

It’s not the running that is the problem, but rather the body we bring to the running!

If your posture is out of alignment to start off with, then when you go running you might put extra stress on certain areas. Over time this can lead to a condition such as a muscle strain, cartilage loss, tendonitis etc.

Treatments which just focus on the condition rarely help in the long-term and so usually the pain returns.

The key is getting your body back into it’s natural postural alignment.

In this video, Pete Egoscue, Posture Correction Specialist and founder of The Egoscue Method, shows you some simple exercises you can do before you go on a run.

These exercises help to get your body into a better position. He also shows you some exercises to do after a run as a cool down so you leave your body in a more natural alignment after a running session.

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Take care.

Ameet Bhakta BSc, DipHE
Posture Specialist in London
Egoscue Institute Certified

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