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Egoscue exercises for pain free driving

I really like this video from Sonima and Pete Egoscue, a Posture Specialist and founder of The Egoscue Method. He shares three posture correction exercises you can do to help rebalance your body and make driving more comfortable. You could do these right before you drive, in the middle during a break, or at the end of a drive – or even all three!

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Driving can sometimes be tough on the body. The seats tend to force you into a slouched posture and driving itself can often be stressful. All of this can make you feel a little stiff and tight in places.

If you already have chronic pain somewhere in your body, then driving can be particularly uncomfortable – I’ve noticed this especially with clients who have hip and lower back pain.

In truth there are lots of different exercises you could do, but the key is to do ones which improve the balance of your muscles from left to right, and from front to back, because it’s these muscles which maintain your posture.

If they are in good balance then your alignment will be too, and then you should be able to cope with the stresses that driving places on your body.

Remember, it’s not really the car that is the issue, but the body you bring to the car. 

If you try doing the exercises in the video, please make sure that none of them cause you any pain. If one does, then just skip it and move onto the next one. Be particularly careful with the third exercise he shows and do it gently please.

I would also try and take a break every sixty to ninety minutes when driving, even if it’s only for a few minutes just to walk around a bit, and of course to do some posture correction exercises!

Take care and I hope this helps.

My name is Ameet Bhakta and I’m the founder of Health Through Posture. I’ve been a Posture Correction Specialist for over eight years now, seeing clients in London and Tunbridge Wells.


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