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A better way to ‘sit up straight’

One of the most common questions that clients in clinic ask me is how they should sit.  It sounds like the answer should be fairly simple but it’s actually not, and a number of things need to be said. First, that the key to ‘sitting up straight’ is to get your pelvis into a good…

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Egoscue exercises for pain free driving

Driving can sometimes be tough on the body. The seats tend to force you into a slouched posture and driving itself can often be stressful. All of this can make you feel a little stiff and tight in places. If you already have chronic pain somewhere in your body, then driving can be particularly uncomfortable…

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4 Egoscue exercises to improve your posture

In this video, Brian Bradley, Posture Specialist and Vice President of The Egoscue Method, shows you four Egoscue exercises to improve your posture. It’s ultimately your brain that controls your body alignment, but it does this with the help of your muscles. When your muscles are functioning efficiently and are in balance from left to…

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Egoscue exercises for the office

For many people, work tends to require sitting down for most of the day, often at a desk in an office. When I used to have chronic lower back pain and repetitive strain injury (RSI) in my arms and hands, I focused so much on getting the ‘correct’ kind of chair, and mouse, and keyboard,…

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Egoscue exercises for a long flight

Sitting on a long flight for hours can lead to posture imbalances, joint stiffness, muscle tightness and pain. In this short video, Pete Egoscue, Posture Correction Specialist and founder of The Egoscue Method, shows you some simples exercises to rebalance your body and help make long flights more comfortable and pain free. You can sign…

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Pete Egoscue – tips for infants

In this short video Pete Egoscue, Posture Correction Specialist and founder of The Egoscue Method, gives you some simple tips to help your baby and infant develop. You can sign up to my free newsletter to get some exercises and tips to start to improve your posture by clicking here. Take care. Ameet Bhakta BSc,…

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Baby crawling on white sheet
How to help your baby develop

Typically your baby will go through 5 stages of movement: 1 – Lying on her back. 2 – Rolling onto and lying on her tummy. 3 – Sitting upright. 4 – Crawling. 5 – Standing up and walking. Each of these stages is important in strengthening and developing your baby’s muscles, brain and spine. With…

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Male runner holding his hurt ankle
How to beat running pain

Our bodies are anatomically designed to run pain free, and yet so many runners suffer from foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip, pelvis or back pain! What’s going on? To find out, we need to look at the design of the human body. Your body is designed to have a certain structure or posture, in the…

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A woman stretching/warming up before jogging.
How to warm up a lot more effectively

You’ve properly been told it’s important to warm up before you exercise whether exercise for you is your regular walk, a run, playing tennis or going to the gym. I agree with this but I don’t think most people warm up effectively. Firstly we need to ask what’s the point of ‘warming up’. The 2…

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Egoscue warm-up and cool-down for runners

We are designed to run, and to run pain free. So many runners can’t run though without injury upon injury. What’s going on? It’s not the running that is the problem, but rather the body we bring to the running! If your posture is out of alignment to start off with, then when you go…

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